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Quick Guide
  SiNG cms (Simple Network Gear) is an open source lightweight fast modular content management system built on a bunch PHP / MySQL for running on the web server Apache.

  The scheme of website design (HTML-code) is presented in templates and separated from PHP-code, so users who are not familiar with PHP, but can work with HTML and CSS, will be able to create their own design for sites.

  Each module provides an ability to enable or disable blocks of the site (top and bottom, left and right columns), as well as ability of using an individual template.

  To operate the system, first you must install the base module - download the base module package, unpack them and upload files to the root directory of your site. Then run setup by typing URL of your site in browser, choose language and follow instructions.

  After this you can download, unpack and upload by the same way the packages of other modules which you need. Then follow to admin area of your site (http://your_site/admin/) and install these modules by click the icon for each module.

  Download SiNG cms modules you can here.

  There is ability to use the visual editor (FCKeditor) for editing custom pages, news and articles. How to connect it read here.

Simple Network Gear
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